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Dance classes Torontoelcome to the School of AfroLatino Dance Company, your source of quality instruction in afro-latin dances where learning is fun and relaxed. Our lessons in Cuban Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Kizomba, Semba, Rumba, Reggaeton, Afro-Cuban, Latin Cardio, Bachata and more, will get you grooving in no time!
Salsa Klimax Party
Our next Salsa and Kizomba parties for the month of August are:

Kizomba Klimax on August 5
Salsa Klimax on August 13
Kizomba Klimax - May 27, 2016
Dancing for Hope Fundraiser - June 5, 2016

Latin dance classes Toronto Our LATIN DANCE FOR KIDS program runs every Wednesday after school hours, offering children the opportunity to learn latin dance in a FUN and NURTURING environment.



The hottest dance craze hitting Toronto, come see what kizomba is all about! We offer classes in authentic (Angolan) style, presented as a natural progression into Semba. A sensual and intricate yet simple dance, kizomba is here to stay and we are proud to be the pioneer kizomba school in Toronto, offering kizomba classes since 2009 and now semba since 2013! Find out more
Upcoming Introductory Level Courses
Wed., July  27, 2016 7pm-8pm Reggaeton 1
Thu., August  4, 2016 7pm-8pm Cuban Salsa Beg. 1
Thu., August  18, 2016 7pm-8pm Reggaeton 1
Wed., August  24, 2016 7pm-8pm Kizomba 1
Wed., August  31, 2016 7pm-8pm Bachata 1
Upcoming Non-Introductory Level Courses
Wed., July  6, 2016 7pm-8pm Bachata 3
Mon., July  11, 2016 7pm-8pm Cuban Salsa Interm. 1
Sat., July  30, 2016 4pm-5pm Afro-House
Sat., July  30, 2016 5pm-6pm Semba 5
Tue., August  2, 2016 8pm-9pm Semba 4
Mon., August  8, 2016 8pm-9pm Cuban Salsa Beg. 2
Mon., August  15, 2016 7pm-8pm Brazilian Samba 2
Wed., August  17, 2016 8pm-9pm Kizomba/Semba 2
Thu., August  18, 2016 8pm-9pm Kizomba/Semba 3
Thu., August  18, 2016 8pm-9pm Cuban Salsa Interm. 3
Thu., August  18, 2016 9pm-10pm Cuban Rumba
Tue., August  30, 2016 7pm-8pm Afro-Cuban
Thu., September  15, 2016 7pm-8pm Reggaeton 2
Mon., September  19, 2016 7pm-8pm Cuban Salsa Interm. 2
AfroFit Dance Fitness Classes
Day Time Class
Mondays 6-7pm Latin Cardio with Albena (all)
Samba Dancers Toronto
Toronto Kizomba Classes
May 23-24, 2015
Check out the photos from Paulo & Lanna's Kizomba & Semba Intensive
Salsa dancers Toronto
January 9-10, 2016
Check out the photos from Bonifácio's Kizomba & Semba Intensive Weekend
Toronto Kizomba Classes
January 23, 2016
Here at the photos from our January Klimax party at Li'Ly Lounge
Toronto Salsa Lessons
February 20, 2016
Check out the photos from our February Klimax party at Li'Ly Lounge
Toronto Salsa Classes
April 3-10, 2016
Cuba Salsa Trip to Santiago de Cuba. Regular classes at the studio are running during this week.
Toronto Kizomba Classes
May 13, 2016
Check here for photos of our Kizomba Klimax Party with DJ L'Astre
Toronto Salsa Classes
May 18, 2016
Timba Invasion at Bloke with DJ Yumaniche
Toronto Salsa Classes
May 21, 2016
Salsa Klimax Party with DJ Yumaniche
Toronto Kizomba Classes
May 27, 2016
Kizomba Klimax Party with DJ L'Astre
Toronto Salsa Classes Salsa Lessons
June 5, 2016
Dancing for Hope fundraiser with 6 hours of workshops and 4 hours of social dancing
Toronto Salsa Classes Salsa Lessons
September 2, 2016
Salsa Night Out at Lula Lounge where we will be teaching a salsa lesson at 9:30pm!
Salsa dancers Toronto
"Just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful studio and for fostering such a welcoming dance environment! I look forward each week to coming to class and the social on Saturdays."
Salsa dancers Toronto
"First of all I want to say that I don’t have words to express how good I feel about coming to your dance studio. You are very professional and your personality is so friendly and pleasant that you have created an excellent atmosphere for learning and having fun at the same time. Your instructors and other long time students are no exception to that... I am looking forward to a long time of practice at AfroLatino dance studio."
Toronto Salsa classes
"Thank you for your passionate and energetic instruction and for introducing me to this amazing dance (Samba) - I love it!"
Toronto Salsa classes
Robert (Australia)
"Thank you very much for teaching me Sententa Complicado, Noventa, El Dos, Montana etc as well as letting me do your group class. I got a lot of benefit, and the good news is I can reproduce all those moves in Australia."
Salsa dancers Toronto
"The party was really great. Thank you soo much for organizing the performance group. It was honestly the best dancing experience I have ever had. Also, I really have to thank you for encouraging us during the performance itself... That was very nice of you. THANK YOU!"
Salsa dancers Toronto
Salsa dancers Toronto Salsa dancers Toronto
Toronto Salsa Classes / Lessons
Toronto Salsa classesAfroLatino Dance Company offers you a variety of dance lessons in Cuban Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Afro-Cuban orishas dance, Cuban Rumba, Latin Cardio, Stretch and Strengthen, Styling and Body Movement, Cuban Cabaret, Merengue, Bachata, Kizomba, Son, Cha Cha Cha, and many more. Our classes are taught in an easy to follow manner, and a friendly and highly supportive environment. With multiple locations and events serving people across the Greater Toronto Area - from downtown Toronto to the west end - we are sure to offer something for everybody: from absolute beginners to expert dancers, people of all ages and backgrounds, with or without a partner. Where's the proof, you ask? Try our dance lessons and find out.

Toronto Salsa classesWhether you are a total beginner or a seasoned dancer, whether you're coming alone or with a partner, our Toronto salsa lessons are made for you. The step by step and easy going approach, consistent breakdown of steps, will teach you the technique and the flavour, and turn you into a latin dancer in no time! In our classes we are all about teaching you how to dance Salsa in a fun, caring and comfortable environment. We do our best to balance the number of men and women to ensure you maximize your learning time in class. In addition, our dance instructors, assistants and volunteers are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the classes.

For students with previous salsa dance experience, we provide (and highly recommend) a complimentary assessment in order to suggest the most suitable level or plan for you. You can check our Salsa Class Descriptions to get an idea of the steps and figures covered in each level. Please bear in mind that it may be best to start with our Cuban Salsa Beginner 1 in order to build a strong foundation that you can expand upon as you progress in our classes. Other styles of salsa do not necessarily translate into the steps in Cuban Salsa, so do contact us for an assessment to be sure of the appropriate level.
What's Salsa, Cuban Salsa?
Toronto Salsa classesIn short, it is the world’s most popular Latin street dance. With origins in Cuba and ties in Puerto Rico, it has spread like wildfire around the world and is danced by Salseros/Salseras in cities as diverse as Paris, London, Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro and, of course, in Toronto. In fact, any evening of the week you will find hundreds of Torontonians attending Salsa lessons or at one of the many great Salsa clubs in Toronto. Go traveling and you’ll likely find a similar picture in every major city in the world! When you start Salsa dancing, you join a huge family of Salsa dance-loving folks spread throughout the world.

Cuban Salsa, or simply Casino as it's known in Cuba, is a style of Salsa dancing gaining ever more popularity outside of Cuba, hugely popular in many places in Europe, Peru, Brazil, and now stablishing a strong fan base in Toronto. Its circular motion, afro-cuban flavour and very rhythmic and playful nature make it a favourite among many.
Salsa: so much more than just dance
Salsa has certainly become a way of life in many countries outside of Latin America, reaching Canada and as far west as Australia and Japan. Salsa dance is an all-encompassing hobby that can be enjoyed by all regardless of race, age, gender, size or profession. Cuban salsa in particular, is making its mark globally with its infectious rhythms and sexy movements that is unparalleled by any other style of salsa, and here is why.

Salsa dancers TorontoSalsa dancing expands your social circle
Let’s face it, when it comes to exploring new hobbies, the chance to meet new people can be a definite motivator. When looking to expand your social circle and meet new friends, Salsa is a great way to get out there and meet others. From the moment you step into the studio, you surround yourself with other individuals with the same interests - a passion for dance, music and the same motivation for meetings others, just like you! Together, mistakes can be laughed at, the music can inspire and conversation flows naturally. Students that attend regular salsa lessons will often get together and go out dancing socially, forming lasting and meaningful friendships that extend beyond the studio.

As with any other hobbies that brings like-minded individuals together, Salsa has been known to help singles find their special someone. It is a very sensual and romantic dance, so chemistry on the dance floor can often lead to romantic relationships as well. Salsa dance is also an excellent "excuse" to approach someone and strike up a conversation while dancing, or after. So forget online dating, singles parties or speed dating and the frustration and work that often accompany them. Instead, why not explore the possibilities that lie ahead in our Salsa classes? Have fun, impress yourself and others and as an added bonus potentially meet your perfect match!

Salsa dancers Toronto Salsa: the mind body balance
Regular salsa dancing promotes both physical and mental health, making it the perfect social "workout." It increases your heart rate and therefore your stamina and acts as a great calorie burner and muscle toner, aiding in weight loss. Cuban salsa in particular, with its emphasis on body movement provides an additional work out for your core muscle thereby strengthening your abs! Thighs, buttocks, arms and other important muscles also get a great workout. Cuban salsa classes and parties are an excellent form of exercise that gets you sweating to the infectious rhythms. Salsa dancing is also beneficial to the mind. It releases endorphins (the "feel good hormone") into the bloodstream reducing pain and alleviating stress. The moment you come into our salsa class you will start to suddenly feel all the stresses of your day fade away. You will feel more relaxed, positive and energized. Regular salsa dancing increases a sense of community among its students, helping students develop more self-confidence.

Salsa Dance TorontoSalsa as a creative outlet
Salsa dancing with its myriad of figures, styling and body movement options creates the possibility of endless self-expression and creativity. All in all, salsa is a fun creative and artistic hobby unlike many other alternatives.

So to sum it all up:
  • Salsa lessons are a fun form of exercise
  • Salsa lessons increase endurance and heart rate
  • Salsa lessons burn calories, increase metabolism and promote weight loss
  • Salsa lessons increase muscle tone, coordination and strength
  • Salsa lessons reduce stress
  • Salsa lessons improve reflexes, spatial awareness and overall mental agility
  • Salsa lessons increase self confidence and self awareness
  • Salsa lessons make you feel younger
  • Salsa classes are a great way to make new friendships
  • Salsa classes can spark a romance
  • Salsa classes are a great creative outlet
  • Salsa classes are a great door to a fun loving community
  • Salsa classes are EXCITING and FUN!
Many who dance salsa will attest it is a life-changing experience!
Toronto Kizomba Classes / Lessons
Kizomba dance has been taking the world by storm, having emerged from Angola in the 80s. Extremely popular in most European countries, kizomba's wave has now hit Toronto and is here to stay! A partner social dance that is best known by its sensuality and smooth flow, it became first popular in the 80s in Angola and from there in the other portuguese-speaking African countries. It was only in the 90s that it started taking Europe by storm, first Portugal (for obviously having the biggest Angolan expat community), then gradually the UK, France and Spain.
What's Kizomba?
The word kizomba was in use back in the 50s in Angola, more specifically in the region of the capital Luanda, as a word from kimbundu, one of the local dialects, simply meaning party. With time it became associated with a musical genre that emerged from the blending of Angolan semba rhythm with French Caribbean zouk, specially after the visit to Angola by zouk superstar band Kassav, in the 80s. Kizomba these days is the name for both the musical genre as well as the dance that is often associated with it.
Kizomba as a musical genre
Kizomba was born in the 80s from the blend of traditional Angolan semba music with French Caribbean zouk rhythms, giving it that smooth romantic feel. Mainly sung in portuguese or kimbundu, many people these days confuse kizomba with zouk, ghetto zouk, cabo zouk and zouklove.
Kizomba as a dance genre
Toronto Kizomba Classes, Toronto Kizomba Lessons Kizomba dance has evolved mainly from semba, an Angolan traditional dance that emerged and became popular in the 50s. For Angolans there is no big distinction between the steps used for kizomba and the ones used for semba, other than the usual slower tempo dictated by kizomba music wihich tends to be romantic. For many Angolans kizomba sinply uses a subset of the steps that semba has, where some of the more extravagant/playful elements are not present. It is worth noting that even semba has had over the years some infusion of ideas and steps from tango as well as Cuban partner dances such as Son. Some of these influences have naturaly made their way into kizomba as well. Angolan traditional kizomba emphasizes heavily on smoothness and fluidity, using the music as a steady compass.

In the last years a new style of kizomba has been emerging from Europe, where the interpretation of the music and dance has taken a more edgy/hip-hop approach. In this style of kizomba there are more influences of tango as well, and the couples are often seen pausing and changing the tempo of steps.

Our Kizomba lessons in Toronto will introduce you to mainly Angolan style, but will also teach you some European style figures and principles, Whenever that is the case it will be stated clearly the difference between the styles so students are aware.

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Jazz up your life and have a great time with our Latin dance lessons. AfroLatino Dance Company offers you authentic Dance Lessons in Toronto for either groups or private individuals all over the greater Toronto area. Please contact us to start enjoying our classes, with levels from total beginners to advanced dancers.

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AfroLatino Dance Company presents 'Dance Lessons Toronto'. With Toronto's own AfroLatino Dance Company you can spice up your life with just one dance lesson - be it salsa, samba, reggae or more. The Dance Company's dancers offer 'true' Cuban Dance Lessons in the heart of Canada's vibrant entertainment capital - Toronto, Ontario. Dance lessons are also available in other parts of greater Toronto such as Etobicoke, Scarborough, Brampton and Mississauga. Email us today at

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AfroLatino Dance Company in Toronto gives you the Dancing Lessons in Toronto that you want. Whether you would like individual private lessons or group lessons, contact us and we will customized the program just for you. Dance Lessons are available throughout the greater Toronto region.

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Enhance your night on the town with Dance Lessons Toronto by the AfroLatino Dance Company. Spice up your life with a variety of lessons from Salsa to Samba, Reggae to Hip Hop. Kizomba, Merengue, Bachata, Afro-Cuban and more. Dance lessons are offered in either groups or private sessions. Call today and start dancing the night away.

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Get up and start dancing with the AfroLatino Dance Company. Offering great dance classes in the Toronto area - Dance Lessons Toronto will get you on the dance floor in no time. The lessons cover the dance you want to learn - whether it is salsa, samba, reggae, merengue, bachata, kizomba or afro-cuban - our experienced dancers will bring you up to speed with the latest nightclub dance moves. Don't hesitate one more minute and contact us today!

Dance Lessons in Toronto have never been better…since the AfroLatino Dance Company has been in Town!

Now you can enjoy various Dance Lessons in Toronto with the AfroLatino Dance Company. With a variety of dance lessons to choose from - you can get a workout and have fun at the same time. Dance lessons include: salsa, samba, reggae, merengue, bachata, kizomba, afro-cban, rumba and more! So join today! Dance lessons are held throughout locations in greater Toronto.

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Now's your chance to try out the latest dance moves with Dance Lessons in downtown Toronto by the AfroLatino Dance Company. Whether you enjoy Salsa Dance Lessons, Samba Dance Lessons or reggae and kizomba - the Dance Company will ensure you have a great time. Just join our dance lessons at a convenient location in metropolitan Toronto.